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  • Brain Injury

    $3 Million

    A woman in her late 40's visited an emergency room with complaints of dizziness and headaches. The hospital performed various diagnostic tests on her but failed to find the cause of her symptoms on this visit, so she was discharged. Her symptoms persisted after her discharge from the hospital, and after she returned to the emergency room four days later, the hospital discovered that she had been suffering a leaking brain aneurysm for the past four days. She was transferred to a different hospital where her aneurysm was surgically repaired. However, the aneurysm left her with permanent speech and cognitive impairments. Had the hospital timely discovered the aneurysm four days earlier, she would have likely recovered with no permanent brain damage. The hospital was sued for failing to discover her aneurysm four days earlier.


    $1.5 Million

    A mother and daughter were rear-ended at about 20 miles per hour on the 405 freeway on their way home from church. They were transported by ambulance to the St. John's Health Center, where they were diagnosed with sprains to their backs. As a result of the collision, both women suffered from herniated discs in their spine, and were recommended surgery to repair the discs. The jury returned a verdict of approximately $1,000,000 for the mother and $500,000 for the daughter, for a combined verdict in excess of $1,500,000.

  • Wrongful Death

    $1.5 Million

    Small fishing boat capsized as four men were fishing in public lake, causing two to drown. Family members brought wrongful death suit against the lake for failure to timely rescue the victims.

  • Spinal Injury

    $1 Million

    A woman in her 40's underwent an inpatient spinal cord stimulator procedure. During the procedure, the physician inadvertently injured the patient's spinal cord, causing paralysis of her lower extremities. She sued the physician for negligence.

  • Medical Malpractice

    $670 Thousand

    Medical device that surgeon implanted caused blockage to entry of bladder, causing the patient to lose function of one of her kidneys.

  • Child Abuse

    $315 Thousand

    A prekindergarten teacher at a preschool in Los Angeles engaged in various acts of child abuse towards his students during the 2010-2011 school year, including slapping the children on their hands and head, and screaming at them. The principal had received at least one prior report of child abuse from a parent, but nothing was ever done to prevent the teacher from harming future students. The parents of the children sued the school district and principal for negligent supervision of the school teacher, as well as the teacher for assault and battery.

  • Wrongful Termination

    $230 Thousand

    Three former employees of a retailer sued their employer for terminating them after they had reported to management fraudulent and illegal activities that the sales staff was engaging in.

  • Unpaid Wages

    $180 Thousand

    Various car wash employees sued their former employer for unpaid overtime and for meal and rest period violations.

  • Negligent operation of semi-truck

    $175 Thousand

    A woman in her 40's was working on a large farm picking grapes and placing them in containers. The containers would then be loaded onto flatbed semi trucks at the farm and transported to market. As one of the semi trucks at the farm drove past her, a 15 pound piece of aluminum fell from the bed of the truck, hitting the farm worker on her head. She was treated at a nearby hospital for a laceration to her head. She sued the truck driver and the truck driving agency for negligence.

  • Sexual Harassment

    $150 Thousand

    A maintenance person at a country club was subjected to various sexually inappropriate comments by her supervisor over the course of several years. Near the end of her employment, the supervisor forced her hand onto his private area, which the employee reported to upper management. The manager was terminated shortly thereafter. A few months later, the female employee took a leave of absence as a result of post-traumatic stress, and later sued the country club for sexual harassment.

  • Car Accident

    $145 Thousand

    A car with four passengers was broadsided by another vehicle while crossing an intersection in the city of Inglewood. The occupants of the other vehicle fled the scene on foot. It was later discovered that the abandoned car of the at-fault driver was a rental from an agency at the Los Angeles Airport, and that the identification used to rent the vehicle by the at-fault driver was a fake. Thus, the at-fault driver and her passengers were never apprehended. The four passengers sued the car rental agency for violating California Vehicle Code § 14608, which imposes on car rental agencies a duty to properly inspect a driver’s license of the driver before renting them the vehicle.

  • Car Accident

    $141 Thousand

    A young woman was rear ended by another driver in a low-impact collision, causing her to suffer a herniated disc in her low back. She declined the insurance company's $40,000 offer to settle out of court, and was awarded more than 3 times that amount by a jury at trial.



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